Sean Chao for Maryland
 Candidate for ​District 26 House of Delegates

Serving the good people of Accokeek, Camp Springs, Clinton, Fort Washington, Friendly, Glassmanor, and Oxon Hill

Image Credits: Maryland Statehouse:  Thisisbossi

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Latest Update - June 7 2018
Sean's Says: A local resident recently asked for my positions on President Trump, and my personal affiliations. I have taken the liberty of updating this information in my 'About' section.  But I will gladly say this:
1) On Trump: I am against him on virtually all of his policies.  Additionally, I am of the opinion that his conduct is counter to the expectation of the Office of the President. 
2) On Affiliations: I am a proud Democrat, but I am one that is disappointed in what I have personally seen by so-called Democratic politicians. In the state of Maryland, the Democratic Party is no longer about serving the people.  Rather than being a public servant, too many Democrats serve themselves.  Is it any wonder that they spend no time engaging you, the community?  Is it any surprise that despite a plethora of promises, our community continues to face worsening problems-- be it schools, roadways, or in terms of business development?  A lot of people ask me how I am different.  I reply that I am not only different, but prove it in a very profound way:  I publicly rejected any special interest money. 100% of my campaign is from private citizens like yourself. That means that if I am honored to win your vote, and make it into office, I only have  one  boss. You.
Check out Baltimore Sun’s Voter Guide for District 26 delegate candidates. This is the only general voting guide for the primaries in Maryland.  Yours truly was the only one that bothered to state where he stands on important issues. The other candidates are either afraid to say where they stand or don’t have the time to inform you, the voter, about who they are.